Poor Material description harms the business and process

It is slower to make getting work done if there is a poor material description in procurement & supply chain management, plant maintenance, project management and inventory processes. It is frustrating for users, and raises the risk of safety related incidents through use of incorrect materials.

Poor material identification in your material catalog causes harm to your business and it affects often the speed and accuracy of process workflow.

The thing that everyone knows about material catalogs is that duplicate records are bad. A dirty secret often is that there is no way to evaluate if records are duplicate when the material description is in unstructured format and there are no manufacturer and manufacture part number.

Without consistently applied naming standards, comparison of material-to-material is not possible, every end user searching for an item experiences this very problem. The result is multiple versions of the same item exist in the system and nobody can differentiate them.

The solution is to apply the standard naming template to the descriptions. SIDCOTech will help you to structure your inventory material by using Global standard naming conversion and template. It can be simple to describe the ball bearing as follows. The similar way, we can describe all inventory materials with unique and accurate description in the system.